1. Social research

Scholarly research, market research, policy research, applied social science research--using both quantitative ( e.g., survey) and qualitative ( indepth interview, ethnography, case study, biography, visual sociology and visual anthropology, etc.) research methods.

2. Art exhibition, history, appreciation, education, promotion and sales

Southeast Asian oils and watercolors, Chinese watercolors, calligraphy, antiques, archives.

3. Training and coaching

Reading, writing, public speaking (e.g., making presentations) in both Chinese and English at all levels, from elementary school, through university, to professional-managerial; writing and editing academic theses, journal articles and books in all disciplines of social sciences, arts and the humanities at honours, masters, doctoral and professorial levels; grantsmanship and fund-raising; scholarly editing, copyediting, translation, publishing.

4. Teaching

Giving lectures, conducting seminars and tutorials, teaching General Education (GE) courses in university and Liberal Studies courses in secondary school, supervising graduate students.