Hong Kong Baptist University’s first Chair Professor of Sociology, is Founder and Chairman, Chan Institute of Social Studies (CISS); Honorary Professor, China Research Center, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia; Adjunct Professor of Sociology, University of Macao; Senior Fellow, Joint Institute of Research Studies (JIRS), Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College; former Head of Department of Sociology, and former Director, David C Lam Institute of East-West Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University; and former Head of Department of Sociology, National University of Singapore. Between 2005 and 2011, Professor Chan has published five books in English and four books in Chinese. The five books in English include two by Routledge (London): Chinese Identity, Ethnicity and Cosmopolitanism (2005) and Migration, Ethnic Relations and Chinese (2005); and three by Brill Academic Publishers (Leiden): Conflict and Innovation: Joint Ventures in China (2006); Work Stress and Coping among Professionals (2007) and East-West Identities: Globalization, Localization and Hybridization (2007). His four books in Chinese were all published by Chung Hwa Book Company (Hong Kong): Between Hong Kong and China(2007); Our Families, Our Homes(2008); City-State Lens: Hong Kong In the Eyes of Mainland China(2010); and Chinese Merchants: Ethnic Resources and Business Strategies (2010). In 2010-2011, he guest-edited two special issues on hybridity and hybridization for two American journals, Visual Anthropology and World Futures, one of which, Hybrid Hong Kong, will be expanded and re-published by Routledge. In 2011, eight more of Professor Chan’s new books will be published. They include six books in English, five of which will be published by Springer (New York): The Chinese Face: Doing Ethnicity Multi-generationally in Australia ( co-author Lucille Ngan Lok-sun), Charismatic Leadership: Three Extraordinary Singaporeans (co-author Hava A. Dayan), Living Intersections:Transnational Migrant Identifications in Asia (co-editor Caroline Pluss), International Handbook of Chinese Families, and Mobile Chinese Entrepreneurs (co-author Chan Wai-wan); and one by de Sitter Publications (Toronto): Hybridity: Promises and Limits. Chung Hwa Book Company (Hong Kong) will publish his other two new Chinese books: Poverty and Change; and Chinese Migration: Cultural Integration and Hybridization. His current research interests are in leadership, creativity and innovation; youth and adolescence; global peace and democracy; families in Asian societies; business networks and Chinese capitalism; ethnic identities; and migration, transnationalism, cosmopolitanism, and diasporas. His Chan Institute of Social Studies, like a human brain, has two sides. On the intellectual side, social theory, social research, policy formulation and practice are used as tools of science to find the pathways to a good life and a good society. On the aesthetic side, art, emotions and imagination are deployed to sensitize people of all things beautiful as fundamentals of a good life in a good society. Neither side can do without the other.

陳國賁,中國廣東省新會市外海鎮出生,香港長大,早年留學加拿大,獲社會學學士,碩士及博士學位(York University, Toronto, Canada)。先後任教於加拿大,新加坡,香港,澳門,中國多間大學。 于2010年創立Chan Institute of Social Studies (CISS),現為 CISS董事及主席。曾任香港浸會大學社會學講座教授及香港社會學學會期刊 Social Transformations in Chinese Societies(《華人社會變遷》)主編,新加坡國立大學社會學系系主任,香港浸會大學社會學系系主任、林思齊東西學術交流研究所所長及香港社會學學會會長。

他多年來結合家庭社會學、情感社會學、社會心理學及經濟社會學理論專注研究海外華人的身份認同、商業網絡及移民企業發展,共出版了四十本專著、十本學術專題期刊及二百多篇學術論文。其專著 Stepping Out: The Making of Chinese Entrepreneurs於1994年榮獲新加坡國家圖書發展局特別獎,該書中譯本《出路:新加坡華裔企業家的成長》於1996年在國內出版,其後由新加坡電視機構(TCS)改編成同名電視連續劇。其學術論文“Migrant Family Drama Revisited: Mainland Chinese Immigrants in Singapore”於2005年獲新加坡東南亞研究所的Michael Leifer Memorial Prize,是該獎的首屆獲獎者。

在2006-2011的五年間先後出版了11本專著,包括《中港徘徊:香港流動巡迴企業家的故事》, 《吾家吾園:中港家庭的社會學研究》, 《港國鏡─內地留學生看香港》及《貧窮與變遷: 香港新移民家庭的生活故事》。

目前陳正在籌備著述出版的書本多達17本,包括將由美國紐約著名出版社Springer出版的 Charismatic Leadership: Three Extraordinary Singaporeans; Mobile Chinese Entrepreneurs; The Face: Performing Ethnicity among Australian-born Chinese; Living Intersections: Transnational Migrant Identitifications in Asia; International Handbook of Chinese Families ,香港中華書局出版的《華人移民:文化整合與身份混雜》及其他出版社出版的《童畫,童心,童家》和《移民與想像》。